Book Review: Feversong

12446825It is over. The epic battle between the Sinsar Dubh and Mac is finally over. And what did we get from this finale? A whole lotta of wonderful and unfortunately, a whole lotta plot holes. Mac and Barrons HEA happened…again…we got that in Shadowfever but in true Mac and Barrons fashion, they had a wild ebb and flow that we all seem to love. I won’t give away any of the details of their fantastic coming together but it was well done and it held true to their characters.
We got to see Dani get a grip with herself and let go of some of the cold as ice Jada. Dani is definitely becoming a favorite of mine and am certain, that the next two promised books that Karen Marie Moning is writing in this world will be about her. Of course I could be wrong, but that is where the story seems to be leaning. Truthfully I am over this series and am ready for something new. So bring it!

Ryodan is obviously but patiently pining for our Dani, Lor is pissed, Dageus is still alive but we have no idea how, Papa Roach didn’t even make an appearance, and lets not even really go into the plot holes at the end. Too many loose ends makes for a bit of a tumultuous ride and makes that suspension of disbelief hard to achieve.

Also quite unbelievable was the first third of the book.  It was difficult to read as we are getting the books perspective since it has taken over Mac. The book is not really believable, if anything, it just seems to be a more of a petulant child that wants his cake and it too. I hated the things that Mac did while possessed by the book and wished we could have had more story about the other story lines.  There was a point in fact, that I was actually cringing and had to put the book down for a bit because it was absolutely awful.  Not sure why this particular person had to die, but she died an awful death at the hands of the monstrous hands of possessed Mac.  I understand that the book is 100 % psychopath but reading from the perspective of a psycho is not really my cup of tea.

I will say that one of my favorite parts to this book were the bits about Dancer, Dani’s long time sidekick in the slipstream.  He had really been somewhat of a mystery in the last few books and to get to see him in his beautiful nerdy full glory was fabulous.  Dancer is now younger than Dani since Dani had been stuck in the silvers and aged five years, but that doesn’t inhibit their relationship one bit.  Really, every bit of Dani’s story whether it be with Dancer, Ryodan, Mac or any of our lovely band of characters, she really seems to be the glue that is holding much of this story together.  Like I said, she is my new favorite!  Dani has grown from an annoying hyper fourteen year old that  says “feck” every other word, to a smart, sassy, endearing and beautiful young woman.  Ryodan will be lucky to ever deserve her.

All in all I still loved this story.  My true favorites were books 1-5 and really could have ended the story there.  Iced, Burned, Feverborn, they all have their good parts and their really bad parts.  But in true Karen Marie Moning fashion she delivered a great story (and a cliffhanger).  What will happen in the next two books? Dani’s adventures to be sure and  hopefully the huge plot hole at the end will get sewn up into a pretty little bow.

If you haven’t already, you need to catch this “fever.”  Stories of the fey and Ireland and love and loss woven together in a truly magical world.  Still one of my top recommendations for Urban Fantasy.


Buy it here: Feverborn


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