Book Review: If You Were Mine

If You Were MineIf You Were Mine by Melanie Harlow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off, what a fantastic book cover; simply stunning. Second, the story; simply stunning as well.

Theo and Clair, two opposites that definitely attract. Theo, who doesn’t believe in himself, who is a drifter and who is scared to love. Clair, sweet school teacher who doesn’t believe she is beautiful or worthy. Thrown together by chance or rather by an escort service, these two flame of the pages of, If You Were Mine.

Theo was a bit harder to like right at first and I think that may have been the point. He was supposed to only be a date for a night, not a HEA. But, as the story progresses, Theo becomes the endearing, funny and dirty talking alpha that we all seem to love. The difference in his character that is lacking in so many books, is that is he not the typical broken character. His internal dialogue gives us so much more into the mind of an abandoned child/man. He isn’t your typical broken character, “I have my guard up, because I am afraid I will get hurt,” he gives us much more of the why and that make him more likable and easier to forgive, even when he is an ass.

Clair is not your typical beauty that has the confidence to grab a man like Theo. She is real and down to earth and everything Theo IS looking for but, he doesn’t want to want her. She is forgiving and understanding without being a doormat. She grows in her confidence both mentally and sexually with Theo. Gah!! Their bedroom/kitchen/kitchen table/floor scenes were of the charts steaming hot!

Melanie Harlow does not disappoint and I actually think this one is one of my favorites of hers. Love, love, loved this story.

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This wonderful romance is set to release on February 28th.


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