Writers Block…help!

I have it.  My creativity is gone. The dreaded writers block. What happens when your intention to write reviews on books have flown out the window because thinking of writing another book review feels totally lame?  And, there is no inspiration and no creativity to write about something else?

Well my blogging friends, this is where I need some advice. What do you do when the dreaded writers block sets in?  Do you start over?  Where do you find your inspiration?

I would love to hear from you!



6 thoughts on “Writers Block…help!

  1. I usually just start free writing about nothing in particular. That usually causes some dormant neurons to start firing. I had a post a week or two about writers block. I just started running on at the keyboard. Lol! But don’t worry. Writer’s block usually cures itself after a while. Hang in there!


  2. Something my mom taught me is just to sit down and write. It doesn’t matter if it’s sparkles, cupcakes, or your pet. Just write down whatever comes to mind. Another thing that I am going to start trying is keeping a journal just for blogging notes. Carry it around with you, and any time you feel inspired, write it down in the journal. I have writers block right now but giving someone else advice helps.

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