The Need For the H.E.A on This Valentines Day

Everyone has one; an opinion, especially when it comes to sexy books.   That is perfectly fine and I get it, not everyone is down to read about sex and relationships.  Truthfully, there is some pretty bad writing out there but, no matter the writing skill, someone is going to pick it up and love it.  Because hey, we all know there is no better escape than reading a book.

So why do women escape to sexy books?  What is the draw and why do we love them?  Is it all about the sex?   I read a lot of different genres depending on my mood.  Sometimes I will go for weeks and read nothing but the Fantasy genre.  Other times, I get into some great Non-fiction and then at other times, Adult Fiction gets me right in the feels.  Pretty obviously, (you can gather that I like sexy books simply by following my blog) I like romance.  There are certainly times where I am not in the mood for it. (Ha!)But really, I think a big part of the appeal is the H.E.A.  The Happily Ever After.

“Happily Ever After,” is quite often the common theme when it comes to romance novels.  Whether it is a Contemporary romance, Vampire, Dragon, Dark, Dominating, Same Sex and especially Regency, they all have it.  It is today’s fairy tale with a little dirty mixed in.


So why else is there a draw to this genre of books?  Well, I asked some of my favorite peeps and here were their responses:

“I love them because they are an escape and fantasy. Life is hard and real life is a mess.  So, I like that there is usually a happy ending.”

“It makes me feel sexy, like the way the main character feels.”

“It is fun to forget the busy life, and enjoy someone else’s.”

“They are candy for my brain.”

“It helps keep the spice alive in our marriage, it recharges our chemistry.”

“Intimacy is hard for me, so it gets me out of my own head.”

Women within the ages of 30 to 54, half single, half married support this billion dollar industry.  Psychologist, Dr. Julia Slattery author of Finding the Hero in Your Husband, says that women get the same euphoric high that men do when they watch porn.  The difference is that the high is an emotional one.  Of course, the physical one happens too, just ask any husband after their wives have read a “really” good book.  Their sexy times increase tenfold.  How can this not be a good thing?

Love is hard, life is hard.  Jumping into the pages of a romance novel can often alleviate these pressures that women feel from day to day.  Books do this in general, but it seems that romance just brings about all the good feeling hormones that we all crave.  It isn’t just about sex, it is about connection, adoration, desire and above all love.

So remember ladies, smut is a good thing.  Women are happier when they read them and men, you are reaping all the benefits in bed.  It is a bonus for all.  Enjoy!

Happy Valentines Day!








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