Book Review: Wintersong


“Why me?” “Because”, he said.  “I loved the music within you.”

I grew up loving the movie Labyrinth.  Although David Bowie scared me and excited me as the Goblin King, I still loved it every time I watched it.

Well now, we have a new Goblin King; Der Erklonig.  King of the Underground and he is ready to take a new bride.  He has watched and played with Elisabeth since she was a girl playing her music for him in the garden grove and is ready to claim her for his own.  But, Elisabeth remembers him in dreams and believes she made him up.  What she doesn’t count on is his trickery or his savagery or even his passionate obsession for her.

This story is like the movie “The Labyrinth” but it is so much more.  The movie ends with the girl defeating the Goblin King and going home with her baby brother who was kidnapped by him.  Yes, the Goblin King wanted the girl for his own, to rule her and own her soul.  The Goblin King of this story, wants Elisabeth in her entirety.  It isn’t about simply ruling her.  It is about owning her lovely musical soul.  She is plain, the so called “ugly sister,” and he desires and lusts for her all the same.  He sees beauty as skin deep and it is her music that calls to him.

The writing here is fabulously beautiful.  Flowery and magical in its composition.  Her world building of a place unimagined,  (the Underground) takes you away from the puppets and set building of the movie and into a magical realm of darkness. The Goblins, Changlings and the Lorelei (malicious water fairies)  were all described and adapted so well that all the old ideas of the Labyrinth fell away for me.  I now longer pictured David Bowie as the Goblin King, but as a newly formed and beautiful creature of the Underground.  I am no longer afraid of the Goblin King of old, only completely intrigued and enraptured by this new one.

The author has done a great job on her twist of German mythology of the Erl King.  A creature that led the mythical Wild Hunt.  It is so fun to watch and see how one will twist mythology and spin it into something of their own making.  I guess that is part of why we all love fantasy.  It does not have to be real, it just had to be amazing.

Elisabeths journey to save her sister from the Goblin King is simply that; amazing and wonderful.  Her music is her soul, and he wants her soul to be his.  But, will the Goblin King have the strength to kill her?  Or will he find his soul and let her go?

This last week I have really read some great stuff.  Between, A Star Touched Queen, Crown of Lies and this lovely piece Wintersong, I think this one just might take the cake.  A truly great week in literature.

This one just released two days ago, so get on the this train as I am sure it will be one that soon everyone will be talking about.

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones


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