Nameless Is My Lie


Dark romances; I don’t always love them.  Sometimes they delve too deeply dark and I feel somewhat sick and repulsed after I have read them.  I have made an exception for this dark one.  Actually, quite a large exception as I loved this story.  It is dark and lovely and simply erotic.

CEO Elle is boring and she knows it.  At the age of nineteen, she has already been groomed and educated on how to run her fathers company; Belle Elle.  She has no friends, no social life and no idea what life is like outside of her office in New York. And she is curious.  Curious about life outside her glass walls, and even more curious about feeling free.  She decides on the night of her nineteenth birthday to finally take the plunge and take off into the crazy New York streets, just for a minute so she can see what life is really like.  She seems so young, and so naive and so incredibly innocent that you know there is no way she won’t fall into trouble.  So much trouble in fact that she is robbed and nearly raped until a hooded figure jumps in to save the day.  Of course this happens right?  He may be her savior, but he also may be her downfall.  She knows nothing about him, his name, where he is from, why he is helping her.  Why he is kissing her under the darkness and the light of the moon in Central Park.  He is nameless and he has disappeared.

Flash forward three years later.  Elle is still doing the same thing perhaps only more so.  No life, other than that of her company that she runs and her loving her ailing father.  She tries desperately to hang onto to that one night three years ago on her birthday when a man asked her to trust him, and then she could never find him again.  She holds out that maybe one day she will find her “nameless” and his secrets.

Enter Penn Everett.  Looking for a new book boyfriend?  He will do very nicely.  Striking, completely arrogant, naughty and absolutely oozing sex appeal. All he wants is Elle.  Not for life, not even for a month, just under him and over him over and over until Elle begs for mercy.

Quite honestly I don’t always love the arrogant ass like Penn.  This type of character is hardly ever well done and mostly always over the top.  (Christian Grey?) But my god, there is just something so hatefully appealing about this man.  Elle wants to hate him and also wants the debasement that he promises.  She goes from longing for nameless, her hero, to longing for Penn,  the anti-hero and all of his promised lovely darkness.

“I will only say this once, so listen carefully.  I will lie to others about us, I will paint a picture that isn’t true.  I will hurt and curse and do whatever I damn well want, but you have my word on one thing.  That I won’t lie to you, what you see from me will be the honest fucking truth. I will only hurt you if you want me to hurt you, and I will protect you while I do it.”

Hot damn!

Oh Elle, whatever will you decide? Will you trust a man that you hardly know to own every part of you?  What are you willing to give up in return?  Your heart?  Your soul? Will she ever find her nameless, or has he been right under her nose this entire time?

Ugh, I can’t handle it!  Crown of Lies does not reveal all as this is a duet with her final installment due at the end of February.  I finished this book in an afternoon and was simply dying for more.  These days erotica is published by the thousands daily, and it is emensly hard to find something truly worthy of loving and reflecting on.  Pepper Winters created a cast of wonderfully complex and surprising characters that keep the story lively and interesting and oh so completely hot.  Loved it!  Excuse me while I go read it again.


Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters



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