Review: Eleventh Grave In Moonlight


It’s released!  It’s here! And of course it is fabulous!

Charley Davidson continues on her adventures with the Son of Satan, (our beloved Reyes) and her quirky lovely best friends friend Cookie.  There are many other wonderful characters, each with their own sets of awesomeness, but I only have a few minutes to type up a quick and to the point review so here we go.

Charley is back at her investigating and goddess ways in this newest installment by Darynda Jones. Reyes, our favorite alpha male is as hot as Hell (pun intended) and still utterly obsessed with our Charley.  Their bedroom stints are of legend.  Their banter is what we all hope to write when writing down our dialogues between characters, but Darynda Jones has it mastered with these two.  Charley is funny.  Actually quite hilarious and completely immature and endearing at the same time.  Reyes, he is quite her opposite, in every way including the fact that she is a god full of light from another dimension and he is smoldering in darkness and is the son of Satan.  Somehow, they compliment each other in every way.  He seems to crave her light, where she relishes in his heat and darkness.

That darkness takes on a whole new meaning in the story.  I cannot say much more than that except, you have to read it.  Quite the mother of all cliff hangers and she still has me gripping the edge of the bed, the chair, the couch, wherever I find two seconds to read.

All I can say is read this series.  If you love hilarity at it’s finest, intrigue and surprise, endearing relationships and sensuality in spades, then this one is for you.

Great job Darynda Jones.  You are still rocking my world!

Buy it here: Eleventh Grave in Moonlight




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