So Totally Broken

Smut swapping.  Is that really a thing?  Yes, although it sounds quite unsanitary, let me assure you that it is completely germ free.  However, the content of said smut is a little on the dirty side.  This is what I do with my favorite hairdresser every seven weeks or so.  We catch up, delve into secrets that only a hairdresser gets to share, and then we talk about what new smutty books we have read.  Oh, we have the best of times with these little chats.  But I began to feel a little bad because I hadn’t get read a couple of her favorites.  This weekend, I got right on that, and so today, you get two reviews instead of one!   It would only be proper to tell you about them both since I binge read them both. (A little two part series)  It was absolutely necessary to spend quite of bit of my weekend reading because…well, I just wanted to.  Besides, who doesn’t love a good love/hate story?  Here they are: Breaking Him and Breaking Herby R.K. Lilley.

Dante and Scarlett.  Ahhhh, what great names.  Some names just don’t do the characters justice, oh but these names fit the characters perfectly.  R.K. Lilley did a great job of picking power names for these two.  They need it to carry them through this tumultuous crazy love/hate story.

Scarlett has had a truly rough go at life.  Found in a garbage can as a baby and brought up by her spiteful grandma, this beginning did not give her much promise as to what life would throw at her.  She was a loner, and a fighter, and at school, the kids were mean.  They were oh, so, mean.  Ten years old and here comes Dante with more fire and heart than any ten year old should have.  Thus begins his protectiveness over Scarlett and her utter and complete devotion and heart to Dante.

Their quite epic story carries through 17 years of friendship and love.  From the beginning as it opens with them being much older then ten, you get the feeling that these two had a relationship and now hate each other.  What you come to realize is that they have quite the history.  Much has been woven with lies and betrayals, yet they still gravitate back to each other and they hate each other for it.

This hate fuels some pretty hot sex scenes.  R. K. Lilley can write some sex!  As we all know, hate and love are two sides of the same coin so even though they hate each other for the things they have done to each other, love rears it’s lovely head each and every time they are together.  Both in the sack, and out of it.  Be prepared though for lots of “you will need a fan for this” kind of sex.

Aside from the reason we all read smut, this actually ended up being a pretty deep book.   There were many layers to this story and many different secrets going on in the background, and as they are revealed, give greater depth to this quite sexual read. I really liked it, quite a bit actually.  I read them both in a day and a half. Aaaaaand nothing else got done because of it.

So my friends, this is why smut swapping is a grand and wonderful thing.  Now, when I go back to get my hair done in a few weeks, we get to talk about Dante’s and Scarlett’s inferno.  Hopefully, we will have some new great reads to share with each other.  If you don’t already have someone you can swap smut with, I will be that person for you!  Just ask, I have many to share. (:

I hope you enjoy these!

Buy it here: Breaking Him

Buy it here: Breaking Her



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