What is it about Hipsters?


My understanding of hipsters or rather my desire to understand the hipster ways have increased “bigly” (sorry I couldn’t resist) over the last year or so.  My son is to blame for this curiosity as he falls into the category of hipster even though he would say he doesn’t.  The hair, the beard, the glasses, the clothes. He would say; ” I just like what I like,” I say; he is a hipster. But hipsters don’t like labels right?

These are thoughts that have been plaguing me.  I know there are greater things that should be bothering me like; how did Donald Trump become the next president?  Oh wait, maybe he is a hipster too because no one really believed that someone with his level of controversy would ever be president.  And he does have the hair…at least hair that most people would never dream of having.  Ironic right?

The definition of ironic:

“happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this.”

The typical behavior of a hipster seems to be to not conform to any “typical” social norms and creating a new set of norms thereby making the other majority think of C&C Music Factory song; “Things that make you go hmmm.”


We went Christmas shopping for clothes for my son this year.  I learned A LOT about him and what I would have considered, “lack of taste” in his clothing choices.  I kind of felt like an asshole after the shopping trip because I realized that this was just him.  He liked what I had considered ugly shirts,  offensive quotes on shirts, (that he and my husband considered funny) flannels of every color and socks that are more flamboyant than a cat wearing paisley. These things puzzled me and I decided I needed to learn more not only about this hipster culture, but about him as well.

He has grown his hair out over the last year.  I keep asking him; “are you going to cut it?”  His answer is always; “No.”  My next question; “Well, when are you going to cut it?” His reply; “When I think it is long enough.”  Does he want to look like Jesus? Once again, I was puzzled and still needed to learn more…about him.

So here we were at Christmas break and I get to meet his new girlfriend.  Now I have two hipsters staying at my house and it was kind of like a light bulb going off.  We went to have ice cream and I had really been trying to listen and understand why this hipster thing was so cool.  We were talking about 80’s and 90’s movies and how most of them absolutely rock and my son’s girlfriends starts saying how she doesn’t like some of these movies.  She didn’t like Say Anything, (Hello?  Boombox serenade?) she didn’t like Ten Things I Hate About You, (swooney Heath Ledger?) she had never even seen Better Off Dead (I want my two dollars!) and she didn’t feel bad about not liking or seeing any of them.  In most group settings, people all tend to agree with each other on 80’s/90’s movies, we think they are all mostly great right?  But she had no problem voicing her own real opinion.  I was kind of struck by this; she had her own voice and was not afraid to use it.

Throughout the few days we got to spend with her I actually got to know her because she was not afraid to stray from the cultural norms of today’s society.  I know she likes make-up but doesn’t have any problem with buying it from Wal-Mart in fact she quite snubbed the idea of a Kylie Jenner lip kip.  I loved that!  She had no problem wearing fuzzy green socks and no make-up to a movie that we had just decided to go see last minute.  She doesn’t care if she has dark roots and blonde hair because hey, she likes it. She really is a gem and I really liked her for who she is and I adore my son for seeing those things in her.  I would have never seen the “real” in someone when I was his age.  I have a hard time even now seeing it.  I didn’t even see “the real”  that day going clothes shopping for him.  And yes, I am wearing my ass hat right about now.

No matter the hat we wears, no matter the label, no matter the gender, the culture, the person.  Ideally, we just all want to be heard and accepted.  And, here I am finally getting to my point about hipsters.  They have found a way to just be themselves.  Call them hipsters, call them weird, call them nerds, call them ironic, call them awesome, they are just who they are.  I have mad respect for anyone that has the nerve to just be who they are.  And I now totally get why my son likes what he likes, wears his hair they way he does, speaks and thinks the way he does; it is just him and he is not afraid to be it.  God, I adore that boy.

So now when see a shirt that says; “OMG, I love GMO.”  I will simply and say to myself; “Isn’t it ironic?”



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