Book Review: A Thousand Nights



Let me just start by saying; “Wow! Amazing! Beautiful! I had to buy this one!”

I finished this book on the last day of 2016 and what a way to end the year.  E.K. Johnston has given us a retelling of A Thousand and One Nights, and though I have not read these classic folklore tales, it is now on my top list of what to read in 2017.

The story begins from a perspective that is obviously not human.  It is a selfish, ominous, evil being that preys upon the humans living in the desert.  From this little two page beginning, I was immediately intrigued and quickly pulled into the pages of this beautiful written story.

A man and a king; Lo-Melkhiin was once a kind ruler.  But, one day he goes hunting in the desert to return as a different man.  He was to marry a woman from every town, village or district within his realm and each time he does, she dies before the next morning after their wedding.  Is he killing them?  Or, is there some other possible force at work here?

She.  She will not let Lo-Melkhiin take her sister.  He is on his way to take a village girl from them and they all know who he will pick.  Rather, she takes the place of her sister, knowing she will die.  What greater love than that?  Her sister promises to make her a small god so that everyone remembers what she did for her and all of them.

She goes…and she lives to see another sunrise.  Each day is much the same.  Lo-Melkhiin comes to her each night, holds her hands in his and she witnesses unknown forces at work each time.  She lives and grows to be a Queen.

The beauty in this story is reflected in each word on each page of this book.  It took me a few hours to finish this and I was oh so disappointed when I finished.  As a matter of fact, before I was even half way through, I found myself on Amazon purchasing a copy of this one and the next called Spindle because I already knew it was going on my bookshelf.  This is when you know.

I have a feeling that this is going to be one that is talked about a lot more than we have heard about.  It doesn’t have as many starred reviews as I would have thought, nor does her next book have that many either.  But, I will be shocked if we don’t start hearing more about these stories and more about this author.  Pick this one up, finish in a few hours.  I am still reeling from it.

Buy it here:A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston


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