Second Chances


There is nothing better than a good book on a long road trip to pass the time.  The next thing I knew, we were two hours away from home, (having been on the road for nine hours) and I had just finished what is sure to be a favorite  for those that are fans of Melanie Harlow.

She has written a sweet and sad story about a man that loved his wife.  He grieves for her, yearns for her touch and blames himself for her death.  If you are a lover of romance books, you have probably already read this familiar trope.  The great thing about this story, is that the characters have such great depth and chemistry that this familiar story line does not get old.  Rather, we get to see how tragic once again death of a loved one truly is.

Jack is a farmer.  A rugged, dirty, damaged hot ex-army farmer.  He lives his life, takes care of his family’s farm and punishes himself with the idea that the love of his life’s death was his fault.  He will never love, marry, or have children.  He believes he does not deserve to.


Then we get Margot.  A spoiled rich girl/marketing genius.  She loves luxury and the country club, but not in the way one might think.  She loves to help people achieve their dreams.  Small businesses pay her a sum to help with PR and Valentini farms is her next project.  What she doesn’t account for is super hot farmer, swimming naked…in a lake…climbing a tree for a better look.  Shame on Margot!  She got an eyeful for sure.  Jack, standing on the pier, water rivulets streaming down his body.  Tanned and toned and oh so big…

She has not experienced men at their greatest.  She almost married a total douche of a man, (pink polo shirts and white shorts) just for the sake of getting married.  Experience she lacks, but she wants to experience Jack.  Even though he is a brooding grumpy farmer who seems completely irritated with the fact she wants to change things on HIS farm, she wants him.  And quite honestly, he wants her too, even though it totally pisses him off.

That mad irritation leads to some pretty crazy amazing sex.  Up against a tree, in a truck, on the floor.  They are electric together.  When crazy hot chemistry leads to true feelings, Jack is not sure he can do it.  She isn’t asking for any promises, just a chance to see what they could be together.  Jack on the other hand, is scared to death that he will betray his wife’s memory by learning to love another. He shouldn’t get a second chance he already had his first.  Could he find his last with Margot?

I absolutely loved Melanie’s take on loss and how difficult it is to find that love again.  Margot is sweet and lovely and not at all the typical spoiled rich girl.  She is understanding and sassy and fun and everything that Jack wants but doesn’t.  She never pushes him to be something he isn’t, she just gives him everything that she is.  I loved them together.  Their chemistry was off the charts, but their true connection was what really made this story.  Margot just wants her first love, Jack is not sure he deserves a last.


Buy it now: After We Fall


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