Thoughts on Nostalgia

1-disneyland_castleHeaded to Disneyland. Again. For the umpteenth time and it never ever gets old. Especially, because there is this thing, this feeling we get each and every time we walk through those Disney turnstiles and enter a truly magical place.  It’s called nostalgia (or maybe just magic) and I can never seem to get enough of its addictive grasp.

I can remember the very first time that I went to Disneyland and looked up at the massive sparkling greatness of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  Those feelings are what brought me back years later to bring my boys there for the very first time.  Going back, the castle was not quite so tall or awe inspiring, but the magic was still there.  All the feels were still there. It is what brings me back, every single time.

And now it is happening, my kids, including my almost 20 year old son, they talk about how much they love going back to Disneyland.  Sure the rides are fun and the vacation is fantastic, but there is so much more to it.  It is the candy sugary smell when you walk past Main Street Confectionery.  It is the smell of the weathered wood, chlorine and gear oil when you step foot into the Pirate of the Caribbean.  It is the moment you hear the Disney music piping from speakers hidden from view taking each of us back to remembering a favorite story from the genius of Disney’s Imagineers. And, it is always the site of walking right up to the long street of Disney’s Mainstreet U.S.A. that makes you feel as though you are finally in one of the most magical places in the whole world.  If you take a minute and look around you, everyone for even just a moment, is experiencing the same thing as you.  I think that is probably what makes the feeling that much more powerful; it is shared with the thousands that have entered the park that very day.

I wonder if these days part of the reason that people are so reluctant to try e-readers is for the very reason that I was just talking about.  I hear it everyday in the library.  It’s the “feel” of a book.  The “smell” of its pages.  The “sight” of the written word on a yellowed page.  Those very feelings bring us all back to a time, a place, a moment.  Whether we find it at Disneyland, the mountains, a beach, our own backyard or even a book.  Its something that we all covet and yearn for everyday; Magic.



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