So, I have this idea…

That is where it all starts right?  “I have this idea for a book.”  Then, you sit down to write what you believe is to be the next masterpiece and realize that writing a story is not as linear as you might think.  Point A to point B, chapter 1 to chapter 30 all written from beginning to end.  Not.So.Much.

At the beginning of my idea which actually was years ago, I sat down and began to type.   Looking back at those written words, it is quite hilarious at my attempts at writing an actual novel.  How easy I thought it would be to take an idea from my head and put all those ideas onto paper.  How easy I thought it would be to develop characters and plot and depth.  How easy I thought it would be to take my own life experiences and add them to a story.  And then I thought, how hard could it be to send my story into a few publishers and get it published? So.Very.Hard.

Now that years have passed my idea for a story remains mostly in my head.  This glorious story that I am dying to see come to complete fruition stays invisible to all but me. Now I ask myself; how do I get this thing done?  Light bulb! Nanowrimo must be the answer.  Yet again, my attempts at writing a novel have nearly flat lined.

Not to say that I haven’t been able to write a few more words or formulate a more concrete idea.  Getting on the Nanowrimo bandwagon has at least given me a push that I have yet to experience.  Now all they places that I had little bits of my story written down have been compiled into a complete docx file.  Is it actually happening?  My story now has over 17,000 words that somewhat have a viable pathway to an actual story.  But, will I make it to the golden mark of 50,000 words?  Enough to maybe win Nanowrimo?  Probably not.  And now I am finding that I am okay with that.

I am okay with knowing that although it would be fantastic to have completed my fabulous idea for a book, I have done more in the last few weeks than I have done in years.  I am okay with knowing that my skills as a writer are getting better with simply writing this blog and practicing a little whenever I can.  I am okay with knowing there is a gigantic chance that when I do finish this story, no one else may actually ever see it’s lovely pages.  I am okay with knowing it is hard as hell to write an actual novel but no matter how long it takes, I have to continue to try.

Trying to be a writer is hard.  Enough said, but it sure has been a wonderful ride.

Just keep swimming right?




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