You Had Me at Hello

“Ask me again, Nicholas.”

Hope whispers.  Blessed, beautiful, thrilling hope.


Her soft lips smile. “For how long?”

My voice is hushed and rough with pleading.

“For always.”


Nicholas is the playboy heir to the throne of Wessco.  When his grandmother tells him that their country is in trouble and is needed to marry in four months time, Nicholas takes off to the states for some much needed “sowing of the royal oats” before his nuptials.  What he doesn’t count on is falling head over hills for a lovely commoner coffee shop owner named Olivia.

I cannot say enough about how much this book made me smile.  What girl doesn’t dream of falling for the prince?

When Nicholas all but falls drunkenly into her coffee shop, Olivia does not recognizes who he is.  She only hears him first and sees him seconds later to realize that he is a man she would love to see again.  Nicholas offers her money to spend the night with him, (he is drunk and stupid at this point) she gets offended and basically tells him to piss off. This is the first of many fun and sexy encounters that these two engage in.  Each one just a build up to the hot and sexy sex-capades in the bedroom.

And guess what…they do not disappoint.  If you are ready for some wonderfully fun sexual tension, (sometimes my most favorite part of a book) then you will adore this story.  If you are looking for a book about a prince that simply adores this common beautiful girl, then this story is for you.

This story will take you on a much needed sexual adventure that turns sweet and lovely by the end.  Olivia ends up going with Nicholas to Wessco to enjoy the short time that they have together, knowing that in the end, Nicholas will wed someone of noble blood.  He cannot marry Olivia, she is a common woman from the states.

Love can only take you so far, and then life as a royal well, that life takes the rest.   Nicholas wants more than anything to make Olivia his, even if only his mistress, but scandal and division in Wessco might be just enough to break them apart.

Emma Chase weaves a wonderful tale that all we at one point in our boring common lives have envisioned; a royal affair.  She is able to indulge the fantasy of the prince falling for the beautiful common girl in all of us.

Buy it here: Royally Screwed by Emma Chase



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