Having a moment



About two months ago, I had a woman come into the library looking for a book to read because her husband was out of town.  Pressing further into our conversation so I knew what she wanted to read, she explained that she wanted something “racy.”  We instantly bonded.  We had a moment.  The stars had aligned so that her and I could meet and talk about naughty books.  I knew without a doubt what I could recommend and she would love it.  We went and found the book and lo and behold, she came back asking for more. There is nothing better than being able tell someone about a story you love, and then you find out they love it too. But, it was then that I realized we had very little Contemporary or New Adult romance novels in our library.  What we do have, are almost always checked out.

So, a couple weeks ago I shared my story with the director and she asked me to give her a list of books so that she could begin to expand that part of the collection.  Voila!  The day we got them in it was like getting a present, but for the library.  Since I was “having a moment” remembering why I loved them all, I thought I would share some of them with all you. Because who isn’t looking for their next favorite “racy” read?  Some of these are sexy, serious, laugh out loud funny, bittersweet and simply lovely.  I hope this helps you find something fun to read when your husband or significant other is out of town.  (:



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