Nameless Is My Price


It happened.  The call from my bookshelf was too great and I got sucked in and did not surface until it was done. In part this happened because my daughter was in tears by the end of the this one so I knew that it was time dive in.

Talk about diving deep because this story goes deep.  Darker and deeper than any of her others because now we see who the real and true villain is.  There are plenty of threats in this great world of Erilea but my oh my, the greatest threat is as sadistic and evil as they could ever be.

As dark as this book gets, there are some great shining moments that we have all waited for.  Some of those moments I felt should have happened in the last book, especially in regards to Rowan and Aelin.  It almost felt like a “missed the boat” on that one because this book is so plot driven that sex almost seems like an after thought. Having said that, they get their moment and it is sweet and sexy and they obviously love each other a whole lot.

Now, let me tell you about some of my most favorite things about this book.  Manon.  That is almost all that needs to be said about her.  Her name alone speaks volumes as far as I am concerned.    It took me a while to like Manon’s chapters in the last book and this time around I was dying to get to her chapters. She is quite possibly one of my favorite witch characters ever. Her character growth was there all along and to see if come fruition is beautiful and terrifying.

Lorcan. I knew I was going to either love him or hate him. You decide for yourself, I will not sway you one way or the other.  But, I have to say that I adore him.  Last book we got very little of him and this time we get lots of him. He shared his chapters with one other very significant character and she is becoming one of my favorites too.

Elide. Oh, Elide. you magnificent creature. Manon knew there was something special about you. There is something special, and right now of all the women in the book, she intrigues me the most. She just may be the final link that helps unite them all.

There is unity happening in so many ways in this book.  That needed to happen for any hopeful chance of winning this war against Erawan and Mauve.  They have created a family of sorts out of misfits and are blossoming into legends.  The build-up from all the other books have led up to something epic and horrible at the end.  I can now see why my daughter was crying and quivering with sickness in her soul from that wretched ending.  It is a cliff hanger, but not in a kill me now kind of cliff hanger.  The kill me now part is really about what events occur and how blatantly gruesome and awful they are.  There are secrets that are revealed on a massive scale at the end and if it does not make you love Aelin even that much more, you have no soul.

And now the waiting game begins.  Thank god that her next book in A Court of Thorns and Roses series comes out next May.  Waiting another year for one of Sarah’s books would be torture.  But, not nearly the torture that Aelin will be suffering at the hands of her greatest nemesis.

Buy it now: Empire of Storms


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