Monday Morning Musings

The Ledge

There is a ledge upon the sea
Which longs for those that dare,
To stand upon its weathered cliff
And breathe the ocean air.

Some will come when darkness falls
To watch the tide roll in.
Some will come to contemplate 
The rush of unholy sin.

The ledge is not meant to tempt,
Nor its means escape,
It does not mean to give respite
From the darkness of its cape.

This ledge is risk and hurt and
For some it just may be.
But, it changes those that chance upon
The risk to look and see.

Some will never glance its way,
Their fear rules those that might.
"Fear not," it croons and "come this way,
My rugged teeth won't bite."

There may be one that dares this feat,
There may be one that tries.
He who tries the ledge and jumps,
May earn his very life.

For the ledge of life is not the end,
He who jumps into the blue.
The deep dark waters are vast and full,
To make your life anew.




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