Oops I did it again…

Over the last week, I have read a couple of books that I just did not feel like writing about.  And then, Sunday rolls around and I realized I had another old paperback that I had read twenty years ago.  My husband was watching football and the kids were doing their thing, so what better time than to pick up an old novel and just delve in.

fd07fa112d4cccbfbe26f3a23b42ea81The title is Legend by Jude Devereaux.  I must be in a reminiscent state of mind because I just re-read another of her old ones not that long ago.  It is so much fun to go back and remember why romance became my favorite genre.  So, if you have a minute and would like to travel back in time, here is a tremendously fun read on a nice quiet Sunday.

Quiet Chef Kady Long is getting ready to get married to who she believes is the man of her dreams.  I mean quite literally the “man of her dreams.”  She dreams of a dark man on a white horse holding out his hand as though ready to sweep her into the saddle with him.  However, she can never quite reach him and the lower half of his face always veiled with a woolen black scarf.  She knows that this man is important and believes that her fiancee must be this dream man come to life.  But, we all know that the HEA (happily ever after) never happens right from the beginning right?

Kady’s HEA is still a ways off.  Her adventures begin with the purchase of an old flour tin and in that tin is an antique wedding dress.  Of course she tries it on with all of its accouterments and low and behold she is whisked away back in time one hundred years.  She is dropped right in the middle of Legend Colorado, in front of the hanging tree and shockingly enough, a hanging is about to occur.  Before she can even think about what she is doing, she saves from the man (good or bad?) from a horrid fate and is thrust into the adventure of her life.

This is one crazy time traveling adventure. One that requires the suspension of belief to see this story through.  We all know that time travel has its own set of complications and I have yet to read one that gets it all right.  That is the wonderful thing about fiction, not everything has to fit, it just requires your imagination to make it fit. The story woven for us is one filled with romance, revenge, regret, love and wishes.  The wish of one little boy changes the course of Kady’s life and she is the only one that can find the right track back either to her old life, or start anew.

It is so fun to start these books over and remember the joys that come with just simply loving a story.  I encourage you to pick up an old book and try it again.  It’s kinda of like running into an old friend and reminiscing about the old days.  It makes me remember sneaking snippets of time in between caring for my son when he was a baby.  Those stolen moments that we all treasure, just to be able to read a couple more pages.  So maybe the nostalgia doesn’t just come from the story, but where we were in our lives at the time.  I think I experienced just a little bit of my own time travel on Sunday.  Go get lost in an old story! I highly recommend it.




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