I hate writing bad reviews

imageI hate writing bad reviews because I know that someone out there is absolutely loving what I just said I disliked.  So when I write reviews, I try to be remember exactly that.  But there are sometimes where I just have to say that I did not like a story at all.

This story began with promise.  Caden the hot alpha protector of the story showed that he could be the male we all desire in a book boyfriend.  Hot, mysterious and confident with the promise of a night to remember.

Summer; the female protagonist was not too bad to begin with either.  She starts out a bit innocent and shy and has a severe crush on her fellow classmate turned step-brother. She has the promise of possible character development but what seems to happen with her is cringe worthy and awkward.

I am not going to go into too much detail as to the rest of the story as I feel I should leave that up to the reader for judgement.  I know that there are many fans of Tijan’s stories and that many absolutely loved this book.  The bummer thing is, this was my first go at reading her works and I am unsure of whether to try out her books again or not.  Who knows, maybe this one just didn’t do it for me.

What I would like to do is recommend some other fun college reads that I have loved and recommend that you give those a try.  And, if after reading the excerpt from this book you feel the urge to read it, I highly recommend you do.  I would love to hear your thoughts on why or why not you liked this book.

Here are a few of my favs:

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

The Lie by Karina Hale

And here is a link to Anti-Stepbrother:

Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan

Those are just a few favorites, I have a gazillion more!  Over the next couple of weeks I am going to start adding some content for book recommendations so watch for those!






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