You give me fever


This one has been sitting on my shelf staring at me for two months. Calling to me like the Sinsar Dubh to delve into its pages. I knew that to do this was to be possessed by the magic that are Karen Marie Moning’s books. But to read it meant it was over until the next one, which can’t come soon enough.
So I did it. Yesterday was a beautiful thunderous rainy day, no better day that to pickup a book and read until the end. Which I did, and man, I never saw that end coming. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know I was at the end, I thought I had another 50 pages or so until I realized that it was over and the next page were the acknowledgements.
We all asked for more. Karen delivered. Not sure why I am reading such negative reviews about this story or about Burned. We asked! In Iced she gave us an Dani. We complained there was not enough Mac and Barron’s. Now I am reading there was not enough Jada and Ryodan. Readers are never pleased. I guess it’s because we all have our little stories going on in our heads about what we think should happen. We do have to remember that this is her story, we are just along for the ride. And what a fantastic ride it has been.
Feverborn gives us a little of everything. Mac and Barron’s are back and the sex we wanted, we got. We got more on Jada and Ryodan and most of us are just waiting for them to fall over the precipice together. We got Cruce and some strange new roach God. Hmm, where with that story go? We got the manwhore Lor, who we all seem to love/hate with his dirty mouth and even dirtier sex. We got a whole lotta incredible story with a little bit more intrigue into the mind of Mac, who thinks she just may be “batshit” crazy. She is seeing her dead sister everywhere. Is the book just Effing with her or is she really alive? We also got more info on Daegus. “Holy complications Batman!” I can’t wait to find out what is going on there. We got a whole lot of different storylines and in the next I am sure we will get a whole lot of tying up the loose ends of said storylines. This is what happens when a story ARC is coming to a close and I am loving every second of it.
Love this one. Love every second of it as it’s almost over. Take it in and let it take you. Just don’t get lost in the Silvers and stay to the lights!


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