This is on of those times…

No review here, just an expression of what I desperately need.  I read nearly constantly and from many different genres.  But, I need one of those books or series that just takes you in and never lets you go.  You know the ones where you don’t want to eat or sleep or clean or cook.  The ones that take your heart and soul and when you finish, you feel like you lost someone or something?  Its been quite a while since something simply took my breath away and stuck with me for days.  Harry Potter, Twilight, (I know I know, Twilight?) the Fever Series, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Wallbanger, The Japanese Lover oh and I can’t forget to mention The Infernal Devices.  We are talking next level reading material peeps!  I.NEED.TO.FIND.THAT.BOOK.  I will be sure to report when and if I find that one. In the mean time, I am getting ready to ready another of Karina Halle’s book called The Lie.  Oh, on another note, there was rumor of a book that could rival Fifty Shades of Grey.  It is a twelve part series starting with January and ending with December.  I tried the first one and I don’t plan on continuing the series but it was a a fun and quick read.  Rival to Fifty Shades?  Nah.


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