Um, what’s that title again?


One of the hardest things that a female author can do is write from a male perspective.  It seems to be that most often women authors get it wrong and they tend to use emotions and language that women would use in conversation.  When I have come across these instances, I have asked my husband; “do guys really talk like that?”  His general response with a laugh is, “hell no!!!”  So, is it difficult to do?  Yes, but Lauren Blakely has done it with finesse and charm and a POV that will shock and delight.

This story is written from Spencer’s  (the male) perspective. So fun, and a little bit shocking with an opening phrase such as; “my dick is fucking awesome.”  Well ok,  that explains the title a little bit, or should I say, a lot a bit?  Yep, with an opening like that, how can you not continue to see where the story is going to go.

Spencer and Charlotte run a successful bar together.  They are friends that haven’t yet dabbled in the “what if” hook up that friends sometimes tend to do.  Granted, they are both hot and could totally go there, but Spencer is content to play the field and Charlotte is content to watch Spencer from afar.  They protect each other when accosted by the opposite sex even going so far as to pretend they are together, but will they be able to remain friends when Spencer asks Charlotte to pretend they are engaged? He needs her to pretend for one week so that a business deal goes through for his Dad.  Because she adores him she agrees because hey, what is one week hanging out with her best friend?  But this changes really quickly when they both realize that pretend kissing with chemistry is not really pretending.  They both really like it and things heat up pretty quickly. Then when Charlotte propositions Spencer about sex, they go from hot to scorching!  They agree that after the week is up, they will go back to being friends…ya right, like things won’t get weird? Charlotte just got her big rock on, (hmmm hmmm) I doubt she wants to give that up.

Spencer is adorable and funny and it’s cute to see him come to grips with his feelings for Charlotte.  He can’t be the cock wielding, orgasm inducing heartbreaker forever right?  It’s pretty obvious too that Charlotte has always liked Spencer and is thrilled to be in his life and now in his bed.

Friends with benefits can quickly change when you realize that the love of your life has been right under your nose all along.  Will she take the big rock and keep it for life?  Read this one for a fun and wild ride that you will just adore.  I know I did, I already want to read it again!






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