Beard lovers “R” us

the mother road

One thing that I have learned from reading and recommending books is that everyone perceives them all a little differently.  I had one friend make me feel like a total freak for liking Fifty Shades of Grey and I realized then that I would never make someone else feel like an idiot for liking any particular book.  So although this story wasn’t exactly everything that I wanted it to be, it could very well be your next most favorite read ever.

Having said that, here is the gist of this fun and flirty rom-com…

Not one, but three bearded men set off on a journey with their daughter, sister and the one that got away.  What sounds like three girls is actually one sweet and sassy girl named Marley.  When Marley is propositioned by her bearded father and brother to go on a once in a lifetime trip in a beat up old R.V. to go eat “the mother of all hot dogs” she doesn’t hesitate to pack up and go.  But, wonders never cease to amaze when they pick up a hitchhiker along the way and lo and behold, its him…Porter…long time family friend and the one that almost popped her cherry.  He left her alone in a bed on prom night completely devastated.

Still devastated but all grown up, Marley decides that she can handle traveling with him for her families sake.  But Porter is still lumberjack hot and sweet as farm fresh pie.  Can she handle being in an R.V.  for hours on end with the man who stole her heart and two other men that can’t even clean up their beard trimmings or wipe off the toilet? She definitely has her moments of going thermonuclear on their asses and it is much deserved.  These moments were funny and clever, but for me the humor got to be a wee bit too much by the end.  This is what I meant by to each his own when it comes to books because I didn’t love all the potty humor.  Some is fine, too much is too much.  That seems to be a common theme throughout the story.  Poor Marley does seem to get the short end of the stick when it come to disaster and bodily fluids.  Realistic? No.  Funny? Sometimes. Just you wait till you read about her brother Paul accusing her of pooping her pants.  That unfolds in a most interesting way.

Onto what really matters most in smut books, is the smut.  Porter and Marley have strikingly hot chemistry.  Staying away from each other proves to be extremely difficult even though Marley is still hurt from him leaving her.  There is one blistering hot scene that takes place in the R.V. while her Dad and brother are off fishing.  Porter goes fishing too, but not for fish.  He goes downtown, and boy does he like what he catches!  (See I am trying with her type of dirty humor, I just don’t pull it off quite as well as Quinn.)

Porter is everything that readers want.  He is built, sweet, a little cocky, tall, dark and handsome and has his moments of vulnerability.  Marley is a great female character that is strong and independent.  She really dishes back out what she receives from these three men.  The story is sweet at times due to the nature of “why” they are on this trip.  Definitely sexy at times due to the nature of Porter and Marley not being able to keep their hands off each other.  Read this if you liked her other story, “The Virgin Romance Novelist.”  That book was my first introduction to Meghan Quinn and is still my favorite of hers.  This one doesn’t quite measure up in my opinion, but it is still a fun read.  And remember, beards are fun!  A little beard burn never hurt anybody!

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.




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