No such thing as a little black lie


My favorite smut sharing friend told me that this was a must read.  Her and I swap smut back and forth, some of its off the charts and some of its just sort of meh.  Either way, we seem to like them all in different ways.  This was was no exception as it was off the charts in ways that boggled the mind.

It starts with a description that almost makes you hate the female protagonist right off the bat. I wanted to hate her, I nearly took the bait.  But no author really wants you to hate their main protagonist, so I figured there had to be more to the story and tried to give Layana the benefit of the doubt.

Layana is a spoiled rich kid that is ready to leave the life of the blue bloods for freedom and life.  She tries and fails and ends up back living the life of the rich debutante.  One night she attends a fundraising gala where she meets Brant and is drawn in immediately by his quiet confidence and dashing looks.  That is enough to for Layana to suggest they immediately leave the event in the hope that the entire night will consist of one major climax.  Brant definitely delivers…and delivers…and delivers. Phew!   The following morning Layana’s post coital bliss is suddenly brought to a screeching halt when Brant’s assistant Jillian tries to bribe her and then threaten her from dating him.  Red flag number one. She basically tells Jillian to stick her money where the sun absolutely won’t shine and continues in her relationship with Brant.

Their relationship does not lack for depth or intimacy.  Brant nearly over gives in bed and adores Layana with an intensity all his own.  Love is in the air but there are those times that something just doesn’t add up. Brant forgets about a date, or doesn’t come home at night sometimes.   Jillians constant involvement in everything that Brant does or doesn’t do.  What is going on!? What is this story going to reveal?!

What it does reveal is a depth to a new adult romance that goes beyond the typical I like you, I think your hot, pull out your wanker and let’s get it on, and then blast into the happy ending.  It gives us some insight into the  brilliant mind of a savant and it gives us a compelling look at what love can do in the face of darkness.

I really enjoyed this and really felt for these characters.  Trust me when I say, you will too.



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