Crazy indeed!

“Not all buns are worth matrimony Natalie, Yours are.”

Rom coms are steadily becoming a favorite read of mine for their lightness, humor and they feel less angsty in comparison to other books in the New Adult genre.  Melanie Harlow’s books belong in their own sub-genre.  Maybe something called; “The OMG rom coms.”   Its possible to binge read for hours on end and get nothing else done.  Dirty house, hungry kids, neglected hubby. Anyway I digress…about this fab book.

Natalie and Miles are long time friends.  Not the friends with benefits kind of friends, but true great friends.  When Miles comes back into town for a visit, they get right back on track as best friends do.  However, Natalie is suddenly realizing that she has always been attracted to Miles and is now questioning  whether she wants to spend the rest of her life with her current (cheating douchbag) boyfriend.

With the breakup of said cheating boyfriend, Natalie looks to Miles for solace.  He is happy to oblige and also happy to indulge in his fantasy; that fantasy being Natalie…naked…under him…in his bed…possibly screaming his name.  When fantasy turns into reality, a fun filled few days infused with hot sexy nights turns into something that could spell disaster for Miles bachelor status and Natalie’s new found freedom.

I love stories that immediately have intense crazy chemistry.  It is not easy to write that and have it be believable.    Miles and Natalie are that times ten!  The endless flirting, Miles filthy mouth and Natalie’s smart retorts has you rooting for them to get together the entire time. This story will have you laughing, near tears and running to grab (and grope) your significant other in no time flat.  Get this one in your life!

“And I kissed her.  Just like that, I kissed her.”


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