How many brides does one man need?

I received this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Does one man really need seven brides?  Wouldn’t that make for a really long night every night?  Maybe not so much in this case.

Rhea is a millers daughter, engaged at the tender age of fifteen to mysterious Lord Crevan.  She is befuddled as to why a man her fathers age would want a young wife, but is willing to follow the rules and marry him.  After all,  if a Lord wants to marry someone beneath him, he gets what he wants and Rhea really has no say in the matter.

She gets invited to his manor house but is quite worried about this.  What will people think if she stays?  She gets there to realize that all is not as it may seem.  She is to be the newest addition to his collection of brides and he wants something from her but not what one would think he wants.

Rhea in all her bravery is faced with multiple challenges that she must complete or her punishment will be to marry Lord Crevan.  With the help of both human and non-human characters, Rhea makes it through two of three challenges successfully, but will she make it through to the end of the third?

I was not really sure what to expect at first, so I was pleasantly surprised at what this book offered.  Intrigue, mystery, fantasy, magic all rolled up into this dark fairy-tale like story.  Rhea is one of the strongest females characters I have had the pleasure of reading and hope to read more about her, if there is a sequel to this story. Great for teens as well as adults.  This one releases on November 24th so get this one in your life!


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