Nutty with a hint of sweet…

Having read a few of Alice Clayton’s snarky hilarious reads, I was ready and ever so willing to read another of what was sure to be funny, entertaining and sexy.

She did not disappoint.

When Roxie is asked by her mom to come back to small townsville to run the family diner, she does so completely because she has no other options.  Her personal chef career just took a turn for the worse and decides that a little hometown therapy may just be in order.

What she does not plan for is a hot little number named Leo; the farmer.  Would you meet this guy on  Hell no!  Roxie meets him in a couple compromising positions with a few bundles of sugar snap peas and also some…nuts.

Leo is everything that Roxie could want in a fun summer romance and is sure to let him know she wants nothing more.  What she does not see coming is a love of her small town where she can create her delicious food and take a roll in the hay with her Almonzo. (Little House reference)

A lot of wonderful build up to the hmmm mmm, actual act?  What! They have sex?  Of course they do!  A lot of beautiful hot wonderful sex.  Leo is one sexy farmer that will knock you right off your feet.

There really was not anything that I did not like about this story. It has the essentials to make it fun and sweet and a little bit dirty. I am not a big fan of the hot blonde guy as I kinda go for the tall dark and handsome, but Leo? Yep, I would totally roll with him. 😉


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