I have loved this story from the very beginning with, First Grave on the Right. The author has been able to keep the story twisting and turning in such a way that I always look forward to Charlie and Reyes next adventures. I love how the romance between these two never gets old and there … More

No Greater Worry

If you are a parent, you know that there is no greater worry than your kids.  You worry from the time they are little and you worry till they are grow and far away from home.  This does not go away in any form, in fact, I think it gets worse once the they get … More No Greater Worry

Writers Block…help!

I have it.  My creativity is gone. The dreaded writers block. What happens when your intention to write reviews on books have flown out the window because thinking of writing another book review feels totally lame?  And, there is no inspiration and no creativity to write about something else? Well my blogging friends, this is … More Writers Block…help!